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Are you into the Southern Culture? Do you want to know more about it and experience it yourself? Then we do invite you to SOUTH. From the name itself, it can tell you that it caters to almost everything regarding the Southern culture. Be prepared because SOUTH really has so much to offer you wherever you came from in the world.

When we talk of the Southern culture, we are talking of a culture with an influence of Native Americans. The food they handed over to us is well-known because of its distinctive taste and notable look. In fact, through the years, it has already been the favorite of different individuals whether they are of Native American origin or not. Many travelers have also developed an inclination for this type of food because they are truly delicious and one-of-a-kind. If you haven’t tasted food the Southern culture has to offer, then definitely you are missing a lot of things. Better drive out of your garage door in Tampa and come to SOUTH today to remedy that overlook here. We are always ready to serve you the best types of Southern dishes that would give you a good experience and would keep you coming back for more.

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Here at SOUTH, we make sure to follow the ‘farm to table’ principle when it comes to serving our customers. That means that we serve everything fresh every single time. We have our very own farm just outside California where we gather all the needed ingredients so we can produce the best dishes on the table and serve it to you. All of the farm produced that we harvest are even handled with care. They are specially handpicked and are stored in our facility only at a very specific period of time. This is the reason why you have the fulfillment with every single bite.

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SOUTH may be popular with the food that we serve but your introduction to the Southern culture doesn’t stop there. We also serve here cocktails and handcrafted beers that we produce and mix ourselves. The techniques that we use in producing them are techniques that have been handed down to us from different generations before us. So you have the assurance that they are unique and cannot be acquired elsewhere. We always make sure to maintain the family recipe so that the customers who come to our place would have the best experience starting from the time they enter our front door up to the end of their dine in. So far, we think we have achieved this based on the good reviews and commendations we receive on a regular basis. This is also the reason why we are always confident in inviting everyone to try out what we offer here.

We also would like to invite you to SOUTH if you are looking for a legitimate Southern dining experience. We promise you that you will not be disappointed whether you are coming alone or with friends. Make sure to sign up also for our newsletter to get discounts and good deals.

Simple Tips and Tricks for Garage Door Repair

A broken garage door is an open threat to your and your vehicle safety.  It gives an invitation to robbers to come and approach the house easily. Do you compromise with the safety of your family, property, and vehicle? Definitely, NO, to avoid such hectic situations, it is important to service the garage door periodically to ensure that the safety of your family and belonging is never compromised. Maintaining the garage door to keep it in an excellent position might sound like a very complicated task, but it is actually very easy and simple.

Some common garage door issues

Here is a list of common troubles that you might encounter during the garage door maintenance task and possible solutions that you can follow in your troubleshooting. It is advisable that call a professional person like, garage door repair in Newtown, Connecticut to handle the major and complex garage door problems.

  • Garage door open automatically without being commanded

Garage door springs may be the cause behind the self-opening or closing process. The springs may be too tight or too loose for the frame. Inspect them to ensure that they are appropriate to the size, strength, and type of garage door. Make sure that they are mounted properly with the right amount of tension. Be careful and do not choose the garage door springs that are too strong or big for the door.  If the garage door is in its excellent working condition, it should remain constant at the place where it is ordered to be.  When it falls speedily after releasing, there are loose springs behind it. You can simply replace the old springs with the newer and better to keep the garage door at its position.

  • A garage door may get stuck while opening or closing

Poor lubrication can be a significant cause behind the stuck garage door. As a part of regular garage door services, it is good to apply the lubricating spray to all moving parts like, rollers, hinges, and track twice a month.  It will ensure that the garage door runs smoothly along with the track while opening and closing. It will also help to prevent upcoming horrible sounds.

  • Garage door won’t open or close

If your garage door is not working properly, a malfunctioning garage door opener may be a cause behind it. A damaged electric garage door opener is very bad for the efficient performance of a garage door. It should be replaced to make it functional again.

In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons why a garage door could stop working. In order to prevent your garage door from serious damages, it is best to regularly check and services it, lubricate all the moving parts, implement useful maintenance, and do some garage door repair if needed. If the matters go too harsh and you are unable to handle, always call a registered serviceman who has the expertise to handle this job for you at a very affordable cost.

Garage door maintenance is important for the safety of your vehicle and property. It will ensure that your garage door performs well to avoid any potential risks. Remember, if the problems look too hard to handle, there is an option to replace the garage door. For the garage door replacement, it is good to hire an expert to do this job for you.