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About SOUTH restaurant | southernsantamonica

SOUTH is a restaurant in California where you can experience excellent and authentic Southern dishes. If you are into these types of food, then we highly encourage you to come to our restaurant today. We guarantee you that even if you have tasted already many types of Southern dishes, you’ll find what we serve in this restaurant unique. This is because of the freshness that you can benefit from at every bite and because the recipe that we used here is handed over from the many generations before us. Although you will find that some dishes may look the same as what you are used to, with a bite, you can already tell the difference –the twist that every generation has developed to create a much better dining experience for our customers. The best thing about this is that our unique flavors don’t apply only to food but to the drinks that we serve too like our very own handcrafted beers and cocktails.

SOUTH is managed by the fourth generation local family. They made it a point to retain the management of their place to just within the family. If you will come to SOUTH, you can find that all the staff here are very friendly and will treat you like a family. Our hospitality is really great which makes it not a surprise anymore why we have become both locals and travelers destination ever since the time we have started. You can have the same treatment too. Learn more about us as you dine to our place and we’ll entertain you with great stories that are local in the area.

Be sure to come to our place during our happy hour to score some great deals at a very affordable price. Email us to reserve. Fridays and Saturdays are our live music night so do not miss it.