Southern Foods FAQs | southernsantamonica

Here at the Frequently Asked Questions page, you will more ideas about our restaurant and the food that we serve here. Before sending us your inquiries, we encourage you to check out all the listed common questions here to save you the time and the effort in case the answers you are looking for are already stated here. Of course, you are still FREE to send us your inquiries anytime if your questions are not yet answered here. Just send us an email at the contact details provided at our Contact Us page.

Q. How to make a reservation?

A. For reservations, you can just send us an email at the contact details provided at our Contact Us page. You can also reserve via the ‘Reserve’ button you can find on this website. Just key in the date you prefer and the time and for how many the reservation will be. You will get a notification confirming your reservation and what time you should arrive at our restaurant. Failure to arrive at the given time will forfeit your reservation to the people who are on the waitlist.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. At present, we still do not have the facility to deliver. However, rest assured that we are already working this out to better serve you. Stay tuned because we will announce at our online bulletin if this particular service is already available soon.

Q. Can I order and just pick it up at your restaurant?

A. For advance orders, you can call us to advise our customer service representatives regarding your intentions. You will be asked of the pickup time with regards to this matter. We aregoing to prepare your order on time so all you need to do is pick it up and pay as you arrive.