Southern Foods Testimonial | southernsantamonica


“Coming to this place was a great experience. The overall ambiance is welcoming and the food is really great. Just by entering the restaurant, you will immediately be attacked by a delicious aroma that will make your stomach growl even if you have just eaten. You will feel overwhelmed with all the food they have to offer. In fact, you would want to try out each and every one of them. You would not want it any other way before you leave the place because that is how tantalizing the food here is. When you takea bite, even if you are on a diet, you will not be able to resist. The food here is simply like magic.”


“I went here during my trip to California in December. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t going to be seated at all. There are so many people during the time I visited and it was not yet peak hours. But the waiting time is really worth it. The food is really great and it is something that I never tasted before. They are not really exaggerating when I read about the reviews of this restaurant. I recommendbooking beforehand so no long wait for you. I learned, however, that they are very strict with regards the time when you book so make sure to come on the designated time. Otherwise, your booking will be forfeited and your slot will be given to those who are on the waitlist.”


“I like the authenticity and the originality of the Southern dishes that they provide here. Although I have already tasted the same dishes beforehand, they make sure that here you will get an added taste here. They use different spices to make this happen and to give you a better taste of the food. Here, you will have a different standard when it comes to the Southern dishes that they serve.”